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95 Arts Alive – STAAA Celebrates 95 Years!

95 Years ago on January 18, 1924, a handful of visionaries founded an art group that over time grew into a vibrant and influential force for the arts–the St. Augustine Art Association.

This January, we celebrated our 95th Anniversary with an Open House where past presidents, dignitaries, members and friends gathered for an evening of art and storytelling.

St. Augustine Art Association’s Oral History Project

During the Open House on January 18, 2019, we premiered the Oral History Project that highlights our illustrious past and present. The video features Kay Burtin, Tom Rahner and Susan Parker who tell stories of STAAA’s long history and the driving forces behind the growth into the thriving organization it is today.

95 Arts Alive Campaign

In celebration of our 95th Anniversary, we’ve launched the 95 Arts Alive campaign with a goal to raise $15,000+ for the outreach programs of the St. Augustine Art Association.

Donate to the campaign and receive a commemorative Emmett Fritz print and a 95 Art pin. Wear the pin to Art Walk throughout the year and receive a complimentary drink and enjoy social gatherings with the 95 Art Club!