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Florida Green Local Government Standard:

The Florida Green Local Government Standard is designed to guide cities and counties towards outstanding environmental stewardship. The standard provides the framework for local governments to improve internal communications, decrease redundancies and generate new approaches towards sustainability.

Local Governments accumulate points towards certification. Points are awarded for incorporating green practices into the municipality. These points are divided into several categories within the Local Government Standard including: Administration, Building & Development, Energy Efficiency, Public Transportation, etc. A minimum score is required for certification. Projects that exceed the minimum score will be awarded with a higher level of certification based on total score. FGBC has four levels of certification including; bronze, silver, gold and platinum.


The certification process begins with the registration of the project submitted to FGBC along with the initial deposit. Once the project is registered the Project Coordinator will set up a green team. The green team is comprised of representatives from each department overseeing the specific credit tabs. The green team meets to decide which credits are applicable and which are achievable. The Project Coordinator will then complete the final application and submit the remaining certification fee. Once received, a link will then be forwarded to the Project Coordinator for submission of all documentation and supporting materials for all credit items claimed. A project evaluator will then review the project for certification. The Project Coordinator will be notified of any deficiencies or additional documentation that may be needed. Upon completion of the review, the project evaluator will submit a final score and level to the Project Coordinator. The project will then complete the certification process and will receive the certification documentation.


The Florida Green Building Coalition publishes all necessary resource documents to our website. Each Standard has its own unique set of resource documents. The Local Government Standard has a Standards & Policies Document, a Reference Guide and a Registration Application Checklist Form. These documents are revised and updated to ensure that they continually adapt to the rapidly changing environment. Please refer to the current version of the standard if there are more than two visible. An effective date will indicate which is the current set of documents.

The Standards & Policies outlines all of the FGBC policies and provides a detailed description of the certification program.

The Reference Guide outlines green Local Government practices. Additionally, it provides specific information on credits and acceptable submission requirements.

The Registration Application Checklist is the primary document for submitting the project for certification. The checklist has tabs at the bottom which include information needed and credits being claimed.

The Modification Request Form provides an opportunity for modifications to the Local Government Standard. Please complete the attached form and the Local Government Standard Committee will review.

Local Government Standard Committee

The Local Government Standard Committee is a volunteer committee comprised of members that have an interest in the Local Government Standard. The Committee reviews credits and revises the standard periodically to ensure that it continues to move Local Governments forward. The Local Government Committee is open to all active members. If you wish to join the Local Govenment Standard Committee, please follow the instructions in the membership section of the website. You can also email info@Floridagreenbuilding.org to be added to the committee.


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